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How to Protect Your Refrigeration During COVID-19 Lockdown

Friday, May 22, 2020

In these uncertain times our industry has been asked to close down its cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are some tips on how to protect your SKOPE equipment.



If you are switching off the refrigeration

  1. Remove all foods and perishable drinks (like milk or kombucha) from the units and place them into other suitable cold storage.
  2. Switch off the unit at the wall socket.
  3. Clean and sanitise inside the fridge/freezer - remove any spillages or food.
  4. Remove shelving and clean using warm soapy water.
  5. Clean the door gaskets (seals). Check for any splits or damage, and replace if necessary.
  6. Insert a small chock between the door and the cabinet to allow air flow.

If you are leaving the units running during the shutdown period

  1. Remove all foods and perishable drinks (like milk or kombucha) from the units and place them into other suitable cold storage.
  2. Switch off power at the wall socket.
  3. Clean the condenser with a soft brush and vacuum any dirt away. This will ensure the unit will run efficiently during the close-down period.
  4. Sanitise inside and outside. Leave doors open to dry, this will help avoid moisture build up in the unit.
  5. Remove shelving and clean using warm soapy water.
  6. Clean the door gaskets. Check for any splits or damage, and replace if necessary.
  7. Check that all air vents are clear of blockages.
  8. Once the units are dry inside, close the doors and turn the unit on at the wall socket.
prepare your ice machine for lockdown


Ice Machines

Prepare your ice machine for shutdown by cleaning the condenser fins

  1. Disconnect the power
  2. Turn off the water
  3. Clean the condenser with a brush and vacuum away any dirt
  4. Remove or melt the ice in the bin in readiness for cleaning

If you are switching off the machine, prepare the ice machine for cleaning internally

1. Follow the manufacturer cleaning instructions:

2. After you have cleaned the units thoroughly:

  • Run water through the system once to flush out all the chemicals
  • Dry the machine internally.

3. Turn off the power at the wall.

4. Disconnect external hoses, flush out with warm water and leave to dry.

5. After the units are all dry, reconnect the hoses (but do not turn on the water).

By following these steps your ice machine should be ready for its hibernation period - reducing the build-up of any mould, limescale and bacteria.

prepare your blast chiller for lockdown


Blast Chillers

Prepare the blast chiller for shutdown. You will need a flat head screwdriver.

  1. Switch of the unit at the wall socket.
  2. Access the evaporator internally by removing the two flat head screws on the right-hand side on the panel holding the fan.
  3. Use a soft brush to clean the evaporator.
  4. When finished, secure the panel with the two screws.
  5. If your model has a condensing tray underneath, pull the tray out from the front of the unit, empty it, and wash it down with warm soapy water.
  6. Clean the external condenser by pulling off the front grill, brushing away all the dirt, and vacuuming the grill to remove residual dust.
  7. Wipe out the internal area of the blast chiller using a nonabrasive cloth and a neutral detergent.
  8. Once cleaned, leave the door ajar to allow the internals to dry and allow air flow during the lock down period.

For more information, check the cleaning instructions in your model's user manual.

Source: https://www.skope.com/inspiration/insights/how-to-protect-your-refrigeration-during-lockdown/


The secrets of knives | Forged vs. Stamped

Friday, September 06, 2019


Many people think ”forged” is better than “stamped” But is that really true?

The quick answer is: it depends. It’s a matter of both taste and knowing what you need your knife for. The person to help with this question in detail is the expert for all things cutlery, Petra Schnüriger, Product Manager for Household & Professional Knives at world renowned leaders in Knives Victorinox.

So: forged or stamped?

The forged blade of a Victorinox knife contains more carbon, which makes the steel harder and helps it stay sharper longer. All models in this line are forged from a single piece, so there’s a seamless transition from blade to handle with a built-up section, called a bolster. This not only means it’s more difficult for your hand to slip from the handle onto the blade, it also makes its weight and balance very popular. And beautiful styling expresses its excellent quality. A good forged chef’s knife is prestigious, inspirational. It reflects the joy felt by people who love to cook with just the right tools.

Our innovative stamped blade is lighter than a forged one. Which makes these kinds of knives easier to work with over long periods of time. They are easy on wrists and hands, so it’s no surprise that professional chefs really like them. And because the steel has a slightly lower level of hardness, they are simple to resharpen. When you consider years of daily work in a kitchen, these blades offer the best value for money.



Sharpening or honing?

There are actually two processes involved in knife maintenance – sharpening and honing. What’s commonly referred to as sharpening is actually honing. Any blade becomes dull – which essentially means its fine edge has become bent through use – and needs to be honed regularly. Honing lines the edge of the knife back up, re-establishing the full effect of its razor’s edge. You can do this yourself at home with a honing steel. Optimally after every 30-40 cuts or even after every use, like the pros do it.
Sharpening, on the other hand, is a process where bits of the blade are ground and shaved off to produce a new, sharp edge. This can be done using common knife-sharpening tools or an electric sharpener. And you don’t need to do it as frequently as honing — just a few times a year, depending on how much use the knife gets. But don’t forget to always use the honing steel after sharpening!

A stamped knife is made of steel with a slightly lower level of hardness, making it easier to hone yourself. The harder steel of a forged knife means you don’t have to sharpen it as often, but you’ll need a diamond honing steel – which means honing steel’s level of hardness is significantly higher than that of the blade itself, so that it can hone the blade perfectly.

It’s also good to know that a big knife is not more dangerous than a small one. It’s a dull knife that is more dangerous than a sharp one. Because you have to press harder, so you can’t be as precise, and your hand might easily slip.

Handles: Plastic or wood, which grip is better?

Knives with plastic handles are dishwasher safe, which makes them easy to clean. Wood-handled knives should never go into the dishwasher; the heat and chemicals in the dishwasher cause the wood to get too hot, dry out or even crack. But a wooden handle offers a warm, natural grip that feels good in your hand, so it’s worth washing the knife manually and using a common cooking oil like linseed oil to keep it refreshed and looking like new.

The best grip is determined by your own hand. Victorinox makes handles of different kinds of shapes, and all are ergonomic. We always test a variety of curves and contours that fit all different kinds of hands. So big or small, fine or strong, there’s something for everyone.

But as knife experts, we don’t really recommend putting your knives in the dishwasher, at least not the larger ones. If not placed carefully, a large knife can damage the cutlery basket, which itself can cause corrosion. If this happens, the dishwasher’s system may have an indirect effect on the knife’s steel. We recommend quickly washing knives under running water and drying them immediately.


Matching blade size with produce and cutting boards

A big vegetable needs a big knife: the larger the thing is you want to cut, the larger the knife should be. That way there’s less risk of slipping or getting stuck, and less risk of injury. You should also match the blade length to that of the cutting board. If you use one that’s too small, it’s harder to cut through large fruit, vegetables, meat or even bread in one slice. That’s not only more work: you may also risk injuring yourself.

We could tell you a lot more. There are many other secrets within our factory. And we’re using them right now to develop just the right kitchen tools you need.

Zoe Canvas Project

Thursday, June 06, 2019


Time to let your creativity run wild with the Zoe Canvas Project!

That's right! With the help of the guys at Sanremo Coffee Machines, you can now print art on your own coffee machine!

The Canvas Project allows you to easily customise the side and back panels of their already impressive & affordable Zoe Competition espresso machine.

The ZOE Competition offers exceptional value with its high performance and modern style.

Impressive stand-out features include: 

  • LED light of the working area, which allows to effectively work in any lighting condition.
  • Shot Timer to accurately and reliably time coffee extraction
  • “Cool Touch” Steam Wands
  • Easy Service with easy access to the internal parts for a quick and simple technical assistance


    Want to create your own? Download the template here.

    After a quote on the Zoe Competition? Get a quote here.



Meet HuskeeCup

Thursday, May 02, 2019


Meet HuskeeCup. - Waste Made Beautiful

Introducing a designer coffee cup made for cafes, home users, and coffee drinkers on-the-go.
HuskeeCup is a stylish reusable coffee cup made from Coffee Husks - an organic waste material that's produced at the milling stage of coffee production.



HuskeeCup’s unique thermal properties will keep your coffee hotter for longer. So whether you are at home, on the go, or dining in at a café, you can expect an improved coffee experience.




HuskeeCup has a slim and grip-able form. And it’s fins are not only an iconic design feature – they also protect your hands from the heat of your drink. You’re going to love the way that it feels to hold HuskeeCup (whether with one hand or both!



HuskeeCup is designed to last for years (even in a cafe environment). It’s durable and it doesn’t chip or crack easily. We have tested it in even the most rigorous café environments, running it through the dishwasher dozens of times a day.



Huskee’s Universal Lid has been designed with cleanliness in mind. It’s streamlined design means there’s nowhere for coffee to hide once you’ve given it a wash! Plus, HuskeeCup’s base features drainage vents that ensure water runs straight off the cup after cleaning. No more nasty liquid pools!




HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material. Coffee husk is an organic waste material that’s produced at the milling stage of coffee production. By purchasing HuskeeCup, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee.



We’ve developed a single lid and saucer that work with every cup size! Our lid and saucer are both made from the same unique husk material as HuskeeCup. Huskee’s Universal Saucer stacks neatly and the Universal Lid has been designed to give you a cafe drinking experience on the go!



HuskeeCup is produced using materials which have all been tested as food safe. We work closely with our husk suppliers to ensure that no hazardous materials or chemicals are used during the process to obtain the husks. HuskeeCup is BPA free, and approved food safe.



HuskeeCup stacks securely. This makes it easy and efficient to store and means less breakage!
Beyond function, HuskeeCup is recognized globally as an aesthetically pleasing, beautifully designed vessel. HuskeeCup received the highest honor of Best in Class at the Australian Good Design Awards.


HuskeeCup is designed to solve your cafe’s problems.

HuskeeCup understand the demands of running a great café. From managing staff to delivering an incredible customer experience, every product and step in your workflow counts.

HuskeeCup helps you streamline your cafe, reduce your eco-footprint, and make your customers happy.

How You Can Use HuskeeCup

01. Offer HuskeeCup as a Retail item

Stocking HuskeeCup as a retail product will emphasize your value for sustainability to your customers and maximise sales.

Our cups, lids and saucers come in two colours: natural husk and charcoal. They ship in packs of 4 which can be opened up and sold separately, or kept in their retail-ready box.

02. Make HuskeeCup your dine-in cup

Imagine a dine-in cup that’s chip or crack resistant and keeps your customer’s coffee hotter for longer. HuskeeCup beats ceramics in thermal retention and is a great dine-in solution.

Durable and dishwasher friendly and designed to last years in even the most rigorous cafe environment.
Stackable with a universal saucer to increase storage and ordering efficiency. (No more mismatched cup and saucer quantities!)

03. Replace takeaway cups with HuskeeSwap.

What is HuskeeSwap? HuskeeSwap is the scaleable alternative to single-use disposables. Every year, over 600 billion takeaway cups pile up in landfill. This is a massive problem, and one that Individually owned cups cannot solve.
The solution is a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange a single cup. The solution is HuskeeSwap!

Here’s how it works:
1. Drop in your HuskeeCup (& lid) at the counter
2. Order your coffee as usual
3. Collect your coffee in a fresh HuskeeCup!


Rhino wares Hand Coffee Grinder

Friday, February 15, 2019

Have you seen our new Rhino Wares Compact Hand Coffee Grinder?

The Rhino Hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for grinding coffee on-the-go. It's great for travel, work or even just at home!

Some of the features of the Rhino Coffee Gear hand grinder include:

  • Quality food grade stainless steel housing making cleaning easy - also reduces static
  • Tested and certified as food safe by an independent laboratory; peace of mind for you
  • Conical ceramic burrs ensuring a clean grind - the burrs stay sharp longer, don't rust and are easier to clean
  • A simple adjustment allows for a range of grind types
  • Ample capacity - can hold up to 42 grams of coffee beans
  • A convenient and protective carry bag
  • Smooth grinding motion
  • Superior particle size distribution

Are you an AeroPress fan?

Even better! The Rhinowares Grinder features an adaptor that allows you to grind directly into the Aeropress. & because of it's slim and compact body, the grinder is small enough to fit inside the Aeropress plunger itself, saving on space when travelling!


Want to see the grinder in action?

Keen to grab one for yourself?



Introducing Kylie Leddin

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bringing with her over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality industry, Kylie has recently joined the Wagga Catering Equipment Team in our new speciality role of Coffee Sales Rep!

If you think Kylie has a familiar face, chances are you’ve seen her in her previous role managing the Blessed Bean Cafes here in Wagga.

In her new role at WCE, Kylie will be out and about, regularly visiting cafes in the region, providing them with expert advice & on-site Barista Training.

Excited to be able to share her extensive knowledge, experience and skills, Kylie will be making sure our customers have everything they need to produce the best coffee possible!

From coffee and syrups, to packaging and equipment, Kylie is well-versed in the range of products we supply and can find the right fit for your business.

Kylie describes herself as organised, positive and passionate about coffee. In her spare time, you can find her cooking up a storm, spending time with her Husband and their 3 beautiful children, or at the Gym staying fit and healthy.

Over the next few weeks, Kylie will be travelling to Australia's top Coffee Roasters to receive training on everything
there is to know about the coffee process and get a behind-the-scenes look at where all the magic happens.

If you’re looking for expert advice, the inside scoop on the latest products or just someone to talk coffee with, get in touch with Kylie today!

6925 1115 or Email Kylie at: kylie@waggacatering.com.au



Award Winning Project - Borambola Sports and Rec.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


We were lucky enough to be part of the winning team, alongside ICG Construction, taking home the award for Best Commercial Renovation project between $1M and $3M at the 2018 Master Builders Association Awards.

Wagga Catering Equipment are proud to have completed the supply and install of the Commercial Kitchen and Servery/Scullery at Borambola Sports and Recreation Centre.


Located at 1980 Sturt Highway, The Borambola Sport & Recreation Centre provides a range of services, facilities and accommodation options for school camps, family camps, kids' camps, corporate training, sport development camps, functions and community groups.

The renovation, completed in a total of 12 weeks, transformed a considerably outdated 40 year old Kitchen into a modern culinary delight.

The update was complete with installation of the newest equipment in cooking technology, including:

  • Desmon Under bench fridges, Freezer and Blast chiller.
  • Goldstein Pot washer, Fryer, Griddle Plate, 8 Burner Gas Range, 80l Bratt pan, Vision 20 Tray Combi Oven, Vision 10 Tray Combi Oven,
  • Eswood Conveyor dishwasher
  • Hobart Edge Slicer
  • Robot Coupe Food Processor
  • Bonn Microwave
  • Culinaire Refrigerated Well, Bain Marie Hot Cupboard, Heated plate dispenser, Ambient Plate dispenser, Ambient plate trolley
  • Birko 6 slice toaster

A great project to be involved in and such a prestigious award is a credit to all of the accompanying suppliers and trades who have lent their expertise to the project.




Squeaky Clean - New Oates Products

Friday, August 03, 2018


If you’ve popped in the showroom over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed our new and improved range of Oates Cleaning Products.

Oates is a market-leading Australian company that has been supplying professional cleaning and quality household products for the home and industry for over 80 years!

Our range of cleaning products has now more than tripled, adding an extensive range of buckets, mops, brooms, cloths, scourers & more.

Pop in-store or Shop Online Here

Introducing the PuqPress

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Introducing the PuqPress, and why you need one in your Cafe PRONTO!

If you haven’t yet heard of it, you’re probably thinking, PuqWhat? But the PuqPress is the latest in Barista Technology and is a total game-changer when it comes to running your café.

One of the fastest growing barista tools in the world, the PuqPress is the Worlds #1 Precision Automatic Coffee Tamper which provides a consistent and precisely level tamping experience for every single cup of coffee. & better yet, Wagga Catering Equipment are the newest agent!

Why Buy a PuqPress?

  • Perfect Tamping - More precise shots with reduced channelling plus improved flavour, equals the perfect espresso!
  • Consistency, Consistency, Consistency - Create the perfect espresso shots time and time again, regardless of which Barista is on shots!
  • Say goodbye to RSI -  Did you know manual tamping is the leading cause of RSI, physical injuries and shoulder problems? The PuqPress eliminates all risk of physical injuries and strains that your Baristas are subject to during manual tamping. 
  • Calm baristas and happy customers! - The PuqPress is proven to increase workflow by 30% in Australia’s leading baristas.

Keen to see how it works?

Watch a video of the stylish PuqPress in action below.

Blink and you’ll miss it right?

Did we mention how efficient it is? The PuqPress only takes 1.3 seconds to create the perfect tamp!

Want to know more?

View more details online here  or Pop in-store and check out one of these beauties for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


BioPak Paper Straws

Friday, July 06, 2018

Plastic straws suck!

It’s no secret that plastic straws are wreaking havoc on the environment. Most of the time, plastic straws end up in waterways where they are ingested by wildlife.

While many companies and consumers support the ban of plastic straws, there are still times where your customers prefer to use a straw. So, to lower the impact on the environment, we are now proudly stocking BioStraws made from FSC® certified paper from our friends over @biopak.au 🌿

These beautifully designed paper straws come in various shapes & colours. They are eco-friendly, stylish, functional & come in various sizes to suit any drink, making them the perfect choice for your smoothie, juice or cocktail!

The BioStraws are made using premium, extra strength three-ply paper to ensure the straws maintain their integrity while being used!

Made from premium grade FSC® certified paper sourced from managed plantations, and are carbon neutral, recyclable, commercially and home compostable.

Buy in-store or online here! 


#waronwaste #itdoesntcosttheearth