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Introducing Latte Pro Milk Jugs

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Introducing Latte Pro Milk Jugs

With an integrated thermometer on both sides of the jug, Latte Pro provides a more responsive and accurate solution for heating milk. It's durable, dishwasher safe and perfect for commercial, home or office use. The Latte Pro thermometer does not require any calibration and remains accurate over time.

  • Ergonomically designed handle with latte art spout.
  • Embedded dishwasher-safe temperature thermometer on two sides.
  • Easily visible and suitable for both left and right handed users.
  • Comfort for constant use by hospitality users.
  • Colour silicon grommet for easy identification of milk type in each jug (3 per jug).
  • Accuracy assured - Consistency in temperature & no calibration required.
  • Colour association for training (green identifier for each temperature step makes it easy to identify when the target temperature has been reached).
  • Reduces waste and no cross-contamination (stick thermometer not required).
  • Lower customer drink returns and Lower OH&S and consumer safety risk.
  • Available in 4 stunning colours - Copper, Matte Black, Gold and Stainless Steel.