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Cosmorex Tasting Notes

Thursday, June 11, 2020



One of our favourite coffee suppliers is Cosmorex; a third-generation coffee roasting business operating since the early 1960’s. They are proudly Canberra’s longest standing coffee roaster. The Cosmorex team creates perfect blends and single origin coffees, with each product showcasing exotic flavours from around the globe.

Below are the tasting notes prepared especially by Cosmorex, for a range of coffee beans which we now have available to purchase in store in 250gram bags; perfect size for the home barista or if you just want to try a taste of something a little different.

Our first Cosmorex Blend highlight is ‘Sumatra’. Who needs a strong coffee hit to start the day? Sumatra provides it. Cocoa and dark chocolate flavours are accented by pulpy fruits, followed by a distinctive pepper and spice finish. Single origins of Indonesia with a Medium to Dark Roast style.


Next up is ‘New Guinea’. Originating in New Guinea with a medium roast, this blend is an exceptionally smooth brew with complex characteristics. Tropical fruits and spices, moving to a long chocolate finish.


Now, close your eyes and imagine you are in Colombia. A balanced sweet and zesty coffee, our next blend ‘Colombian Supremo’ delivers a delicate flavour profile with lightly fruity aromas, raisin flavours and a browned sugar finish. A single origins coffee with a medium roast style.




This blend is a real crowd-pleaser; ‘Brazil’ offers sweet musky aromas with pleasant low acidity and distinctive nuttiness. Soft stone fruits, caramel, honey and marzipan flavours combine in this clean, well-balanced, smooth single origin and a medium roast style.




& last, but certainly not least is ‘Double Barrel’ - A beautifully balanced crowd-pleaser that highlights rich nutty and chocolate syrup notes through milk. As an espresso, it's clean, full-bodied and easy to drink, with a satisfying complexity. A mix of Brazil & Colombian origins with a Medium-dark roast style.

For a taste of any of the 5 blends above, be sure to pop in store and grab a bag one for yourself!